Wait, Sip

I’ve been all about “Don’t Wait” this spring, so its time to give myself permission to slow down.

wait sip slow down

Stresses are going to continue. Its a fact of life. But in the moments when I can slow down and sip with friends, I need to do that. It will help me recharge so I can tackle the next challenge.

It’s a short post this week, I’m typing on Saturday (my birthday!) and scheduling for Sunday. My Saturday includes a brunch with friends and dinner with family. Sunday we will all be heading to church and having lunch with my extended family. It should be a wonderful weekend, hopefully with a couple long walks as well!

When you’re stressed do you slow down and sip? Or do you tend to rush from one thing to the next?


3 thoughts on “Wait, Sip

  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend! I love it when my birthday lands on a weekend like it did this year! Sounds like you had a fun weekend ahead of you.

    When I am stressed, my natural tendency is to go go go. I feel like I’m more likely to resolve my stress if I stay busy and get stuff done. That said, I do try to build time into my schedule for relaxing things like sipping coffee and reading or watching something like Gilmore Girls.

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