Pushing Through

Just a few days in 28 years old, and the outlook isn’t so great. This morning I completed Cosmo’s snapchat magic 8 ball, and below is what I got…when I tried again, i got “rest up”. So at least that is accurate, I have needed a lot of rest lately.

cosmo magic 8 ball

I’m on week 5 of “not optional” overtime. One hour and thirty minutes a day of overtime is requested, and they’ll beg for another hour. Which means when I get home each night I have maybe 2 hours to get all of life completed before going to bed to do it all again. And while at my desk this week, I realized I might be the only person on my time without a significant other. Which is fine, I don’t want to be with someone that I don’t love, but…..it sure would be nice to have someone helping me with the daily life stuff.

tomorrow couch to 5k

The first 4 weeks of overtime I did a decent job of staying active. This week I’ve skipped yoga, I did 2 short runs, and I hope Saturday morning I’ll wake up ready to get an awesome run, or maybe yoga. But I don’t feel too much guilt for saying “next week”.

Here’s hoping the weekend recharges me, I have a fun event I’m going to in the early afternoon, but I really want to be back in St. Paul in time to have a Mint Julep at Dixie’s to watch the Kentucky Derby! (and trying not to be too bitter about my parents being there).

Tell me something good, what’s going on in your life?

2 thoughts on “Pushing Through

  1. Hang in there and happy belated!! What’s good is I’ve learned recently that 20 minute HIIT workouts on the treadmill are not only more fun (and quicker and hurt less), they are getting rid of the stubborn belly fat that I’ve put on since I decided distance running was a great idea. No more running for this girl and THAT makes me happy.

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