4 Things About Me

because it’s late, and I’ll be meeting some new people this weekend, and I don’t know that I’ve ever done one of these on the blog.

Four names I go by
1. Katie
2. Katie Mae
3. K-K
4. Sister

katie and johnny

Four things I hate
1. Oblivious People, notice the signs to what is going on.
2. Sitting in Traffic
3. Fake People. You don’t have to like me, we just have to co-exist.
4. Steamed Veggies, don’t we all know roasted is better?


Four things I cannot live without
1. Johnny (see above)
2. Phone – twitter, music, podcasts, facetime. I need it.
3. Alone time – I need to process things by myself.
4. Kindle – I read every night before going to bed.

Four things I’m looking forward to
1. Duluth tomorrow!!!
2. Rose wine tasting on Sunday!
3. Aitkin next weekend.
4. Memorial weekend, 3 days without work? yes please!

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3 thoughts on “4 Things About Me

  1. Have fun in Duluth and enjoy the wine tasting! I’m with you on roasted over steamed veggies!! Sooo much more flavor when you roast them!

  2. So much fun things to look forward to – although you have already been to Duluth by now? And yes to roasted veggies. They’re so easy to make. I’m surprised my parents didn’t know about roasting. Everything in Jake and my family was boiled or micowaved.

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