Wait, Listen

Can you see it? In the photo there’s a spider web, with dew hanging in the balance. I was exploring Jay Cooke State Park on my own yesterday, wandering different paths without a care in the world. I laid on the ground to get this photo…..

wait listen jay cooke state park

And realized I didn’t hear the water anymore. It had been deafening on the shore. The sound has dissipated as I walked different trails, but now it was quiet enough that I realized going farther on the current trail was going to take me to places unknown.

Jay cooke rapids


I had all day to explore, however I wasn’t dress or prepared for an all day hike, I had my cellphone, my car keys, and a credit card (from having to buy a parking pass) these things weren’t your top three for hiking safety gear. So I jogged back to the last fork in the road. Thankfully there were a couple trails that seemed to wind through each other, so I didn’t have to backtrack all of my steps, and there were plenty of maps to ensure I was going back to the rapids and swinging bridge.

There’s more to come on my trip to Duluth, but for today, the one little word of 2016, wait, is a lesson in pausing to listen to the world around you. The voices in my head were too loud in the cities, I knew I needed to get up north and take a break. I got my break, but also got a lesson in being prepared. Thankfully nothing happened, but I do want to go back to Jay Cooke and actually hike.

Have you ever gotten a little turned around in nature? When was the last time you escaped the city?

3 thoughts on “Wait, Listen

  1. We got a little turned out on a hike at the Griffith Observatory in LA. The trails were so poorly marked so it was easy to get turned around. I hate feeling disorientated, though, so was really glad when we got back on the right track!

    The last time I escaped the city to do some hiking was when we were in San Francisco at the end of April as we went for a beautiful hike in the Marin Headlands!

    • Your posts about Hawaii made me miss it too! I’ve been to Maui and Kauai, and they are such beautiful islands, but man it is expensive to get there!

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