Wait, Watch

Hi friends, I hope all is well. I’ve got exactly one hour before I have to leave Aitkin again, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think I’ll be coming up north most of the summer. Mainly because of how good I’ve felt this weekend.

wait watch

I drove up on Friday night, picked up my race packet (more on that later) and met friends at the bar for a beer. And I really did have one beer, before heading home and going to bed. I spent a couple hours out and about on Saturday before catching up with another friend. And then I went home and sat on the deck. Eventually a friend came over and we watched the moon rise. Which I somehow did realize was something that happened. As it got darker the moon rose higher, and it was so great to be sitting outside chatting, without an agenda.

Are you a sunrise, sunset, or moonrise watcher? I usually sleep with the shades open so I can see the sunrise, but this difference was wonderful!

5 thoughts on “Wait, Watch

  1. As my husband and I have aged neither of us sleep as well as we use to…..that has allowed us to see all of the above, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, the reddish moon at 4am shining on the lake! This world can be a beautiful place.

    • What a wonderful perspective on how things change! This world is definitely beautiful, but I really enjoy going back to the same places again and again and learning new things.

  2. I love sunsets, but I actually see more sunrises now that I get up so early to workout. They’re all beautiful! I’m sad I missed them in Hawaii, though. I did see one sunset on the military base, which was pretty spectacular. 🙂 Hope you had you a wonderful weekend!

    • I need to get into the am workout routine again, I’ve got an alarm set, so here’s hoping I’ll start the week right!

  3. I’m not working out in the mornings these days and don’t have as good of a view of the sunrise as I did when I lived in my condo, so I guess I’m more of a sunset person? I think I prefer sunrises, though. I’ve never really watched the moon so I’ve never seen it rise like you did.

    I’m glad you had a great weekend home and that it was so refreshing for you!

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