Don’t Wait, Have Fun!

If you think this photo is from the weekend, you’d be wrong! While I’ve had a good weekend, I managed to do fun things every night last week! Which is a huge feat considering how my life has been going the last few…months.

don't wait, have fun

Tuesday night I supported a co-worker at a comedy show. Wednesday I had oysters scheduled with friends, and since I was sick of traffic I drove straight there and ran in Loring Park for a hour before. I needed that time to unwind and remind myself how to run…its been awhile. Thursday I met an old friend for dinner, and a stop at Cafe Latte for dessert. Friday I battled the traffic again and made it up north for wine at the Beanery and dinner at the 40 Club.

I was talking to a coworker on Friday and she pointed out that I’ve done fun things all week, and had up north plans for the long weekend. And she was right, and it was weird. And I really need to find more time for fun in my schedule. Of course I say this and my next MBA class in Monday AND Thursday nights… but I really need to focus on the good. The want-to, not just the have-to events.

Do you make specific time for fun? or do you naturally have it in your schedule?

One thought on “Don’t Wait, Have Fun!

  1. That’s great that you had a week full of fun plans! Last week was a fun week for me as well as I went to see a co-worker’s house as they just finished a huge renovation, I had book club, and I met a friend to plant my garden. And then we to a Saints game on Friday and up north on Saturday. I haven’t been doing much lately since it was hard to get around on crutches so I loved having a fuller schedule last week!

    I definitely have to make plans to have fun – at least with others. There’s rarely a spontaneous get together these days since everyone has kids. But my group of friends has gotten pretty good at making plans.

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