June 2016 Goals

I’m not usually a monthly goals person, but I’m making the exception this month. My MBA program has me taking class twice a week, Monday and Thursday nights from 6-9, which means my week night free time is limited, and my weekend homework time is expanded. (although thankfully I don’t have accounting anymore!)St Kates MBA MN Blog Con

Tuesdays: I typically work a late shift, so I either need to go to yoga at 6 am or 8:30 pm. I’d love to get back to the twice a week yoga goal, but not this month.

Wednesdays: My Free Night! Typically this needs to be homework and healthy cooking night, but there may be an exception or two.

Fridays: Either driving north or…I really need to get to Sea Salt with a work friend.

Lunch Break: Utilized for running/walking twice a week. I’m giving myself a break if I don’t get my 10k steps on nights that I have class, but otherwise I really don’t have an excuse.

cedar lake

Weekends, I wish I could spend every weekend at home, but it just isn’t feasible. So there’s a little divide. I’ll finish out the month by flying to Boise, Idaho for a cousin’s wedding. I fly back on the 4th of July, and I’m having a hard time realizing I won’t be in a Minnesota lake that weekend.


4 thoughts on “June 2016 Goals

  1. Ooh that sounds rough with the twice a week, especially since it’s summer time. Good luck! The nice thing with your MBA schedule is that it will be over soon!

  2. I had classes 2 nights a week when I was doing my MBA, too, so I can relate to how you feel. It’s tough to fit other stuff in when you are so busy with work and school! Your trip to Idaho for a wedding sounds fun. I won’t be at my parents cabin for the 4th as I am going up there the following week. It’ll be weird to not be at the cabin but since I’ll be there the 6-10th I couldn’t swing a trip up there for the 4th. I’m going to an Adele concert on the 5th, otherwise I would just go there the 2nd-10th! But oh well. It will be fun to celebrate the 4th in Minneapolis. I’m hoping that we can host a bbq that weekend!

    • If you find the right program. It’s amazing. But you have to want it…homework is not my idea of a good time, more of a necessary evil.

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