Don’t Wait, Ride

Last year I was great about getting out and getting on my bike. I was also unemployed and had plenty of extra time. This year my free time is limited, and the photo below is proof that I’ve ridden…once.

zorbaz bike

On Memorial Day the Lakes Area Multisport group does a 50 mile ride split into two 25 mile loops. I opted to sleep in a bit and only ride the 2nd loop. But I was nervous to even do that much. My great friend pictured above was also riding, so I bit the bullet and peddled. It was just fine. My legs weren’t thrilled with the hills, but I could still get over them.

So now I just need to keep it up. I haven’t mapped out my summer very well, but I’m hoping to do the Lakes Triathlon in Brainerd at the end of August. I won’t set any records, or even win an age group, but keeping the wheels moving is just as fun.

Do you hold yourself to prior accomplishment levels? Or do you just accept where you currently are?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, Ride

  1. Whether or not I hold myself to prior accomplishments depends on what I have going on in my life. If I have put in the time to train for something, I expect to improve my time. But if I have a lot going on and training can’t be a focus, which is totally the case for you, then I just make it a goal to have fun. I am glad you got out on your bike! I should get cleared to ride my bike next week! I can’t wait to be able to do something outdoors as right now all of my exercise is happening inside the gym.

    • You have had such a great attitude during your recovery, way to go! Its been a long time since I really truly trained, And I think it will be a while yet until I do.

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