Wait: Go Slow

Things can happen so quickly, and there have been so many sad situations lately. Sometimes you need to slow down. Appreciate where you are and what is around you.

wait go slow

Yesterday I went a friend for a run…it was mostly a walk. Which was good. It was 5 miles. After that I went home, my mom and I got an hour on the paddle boards. Then I was off to a grad party, seeing old friends and being amazed that 10 years ago it was my grad party year, and somehow these kiddos are all grown up. After some time with a good friend catching up and commiserating the struggles of dating, I was off to meet a new friend.

Somehow I managed to pack in 5 things to a normal Saturday. When I shared that over a beer I may have scared the listener. My schedule is intense. I don’t always enjoy it. But what of those 5 things would I have wanted to cut out? None of them.

So for now the craziness continues, but don’t for a minute think that every day is that crazy. Today my only plan is to be at home, there’s a few things that I’ll work on, but I got all my socializing in yesterday.

I need to learn to take my own advice and slow down, which is what today is for.

What is your pace today? Fast and full? Or slow and sweet?

5 thoughts on “Wait: Go Slow

  1. You packed a lot into your day on Saturday! It can be easier to do that in smaller communities, though, as getting from place to place doesn’t take so much time and mental energy. Whereas, doing 5 things in the Twin Cities area can be really difficult, unless everything happens to be close!!

    I’ve tried to have more of a slow pace to my days. I tend to fill them up but I tried to find time in between activities to relax, especially on the weekends. Today is a long day, though, as I had PT at 6:30 am, I’ll work until 4, then volunteer from 5:15-8:30 and then water my garden before going home. Days like today are not my favorite but it’s just the way my schedule works sometimes!

  2. My pace is always a little too fast. I have to remind myself to take it all in. However if I don’t pack in everything I want to do, I regret it. I need to be moving, to be seeing people, to do the things I enjoy.

    • Exactly!!! Sunday I didn’t do much, and that resulted in wasting the day and putting more stress on my Monday.

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