Wait: Review

We are almost to the halfway point of 2016, and I’m pretty amazed that I have managed to take my own photos for each “wait” post this year. Usually my photos are taken within the week I post them, but this week I dug into my Duluth photos as I haven’t shared everything a photographed in May.

wait, review duluth

Duluth is a tough city for me. Some great memories, some terrible memories. But either way, I have learned a lot about myself when in that city. Even the bad memories have faded enough that its not painful, just grateful those times have passed. I didn’t run Grandma’s Marathon, the half, or even the 5k last weekend. And I don’t know that I will next year (I will still apply for the half lottery).

Taking the time to look back is important, it can help direct you to where you want to go next. Of course with a blog title “looking forward” I don’t want to dwell on the past. However I do want learn from the past.

Do you live in the past?

Or the here and now?

Or are you looking for the next best thing?

One thought on “Wait: Review

  1. I’m the kind of person that both dwells on the past and thinks about the future, but then neglects living in the present at times. That’s something that I am trying to work on as I know I need to appreciate the here and now! It’s hard to believe that 2016 is half over. There were some great things that happened in the first half of the year, like our trips to Mexico and San Francisco and moving in with Phil, but also some not so good things, like issues with my RA and having hip surgery. Hopefully the second half of the year is a bit less eventful in terms of my health!

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