Wait, Don’t Wait, Chaos

I don’t comment on politics much, I think its the lutheran/half catholic in me. I’m open about so much (hello I write a blog twice a week) but feelings on what is happening in the world and how it relates to me is not my strong suit for sharing.

wait, don't wait, chaosI once again went home for the weekend. Aitkin will always be home. I had some volunteer work to do, and spent an hour in town running errands. I didn’t know what to write about today, or what photo to post. But right there, main street America, you could see the reminder of the officer we lost, and the freedom we have.

I have no answers, I have a thousand questions, and I don’t even know who to ask for an answer. So this week it doesn’t matter if you try to wait for more information, or if you don’t wait and make your decision. Its all chaos. And I hope we find a safer middle ground soon.

Do you share your political thoughts on social media? Or do you save it for private conversations?

3 thoughts on “Wait, Don’t Wait, Chaos

  1. Save political opinions for private conversations in 99.9 of the cases. My friends are all intelligent enough to make up their own minds and get their own information. In most cases when people post “political propaganda” they are “preaching to the choir”, “bringing sand to the beach”! I don’t believe that any minds have been changed on hot political topics by reading someone’s political rant.

    • Bringing sand to the beach is not a phrase I’ve heard before, but it makes perfect sense! I must follow so many outspoken people that I forgot it isn’t literally everyone sharing their opinion.

  2. I don’t feel like I’m educated enough to talk about most political issues on social media, so I don’t. And honestly, I don’t like fighting so I don’t want to put something up that’s going to start a fight. Most of my family is very set in one political view, but of course, my smaller family unit is the opposite, so family fights on Facebook happen more than they should because of stupid political opinions!

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