Mid-Summer Check-in

Just a friendly reminder, to always stand up for yourself. I’m fulfilling my millennial duty by watching Cosmopolitan’s snap story every morning, and this was an image shared in the last week or so. dating life

I’ve got another dating themed blog post in my mind, but I need some time to develop it. (Spoiler, its a playlist, but I don’t use spotify, so I’ll probably just write down the songs and make you find them).

killed succulent

I managed to kill my succulent birthday present over the fourth. Apparently it didn’t take too well to being in an 80 degree apartment for 5 days. Just further proof that I won’t be a cat lady…unless I moved and bought a house.

I have no great insights this week, just kind of getting through. I did go on an adventurous outing on Wednesday night, but there was a no photography rule, so I’ll save that story to myself for now.

What has your week been like? Are you piling in the fun activities? Or lost in the shuffle of required human activities (aka work, sleep, eat)?

3 thoughts on “Mid-Summer Check-in

  1. That’s a bummer that your succulent died! I always struggle to keep indoor plants alive, which is why I thought I’d be terrible at gardening but it turns out gardening is not as hard as I thought it would be.

    I had last week off so I’m trying to hold onto those relaxed vacation feelings. The week went so fast, though! Now I look at my calendar and feel overwhelmed by all the work travel and other evening obligations… I keep saying I need to plan less and then I don’t so I think I need to plan to not plan anything for a week in August or something like that.

    • I feel you on the overwhelmed! Hopefully I’ll get enough of life organized today that I will feel like I have a handle on everything. A friend wants to visit next weekend, but with how I’m feeling I think it might have to be rescheduled for August when I can focus on fun.

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