Topsy Turvy Week

Hot in, so hot it hurts, hot in…… Yeah, it’s hot in here. My week has been topsy turvy from the get-go. I didn’t leave work in a great place on Friday, and it kind of chased me into Monday. I’m feeling quite a bit of school stress right now, and my volunteer committee was missing a crucial volunteer.

horizontal runningWork has leveled out…..somewhat. Its always going to be a crazy world, and so far we have all been confused together. School will never stop, so I just have to do the best I can with what I have. Thankfully my cohort is amazing so I’m able to at least bounce ideas off of them. An the almost missing volunteer has been found and is willing to keep helping us pull it all together.

So its going to be okay. I wanted to have fun this coming weekend, but its looking like I need a couple days of “nothing to do” to actually get stuff done. I attempted it last weekend, but there weren’t quite enough hours in the day.

So for now, take care friends. Hopefully the “get stuff done” will include writing a few blog posts about life these days, if you want to know more about something specific….let me know!

When things go crazy….what do you do?


2 thoughts on “Topsy Turvy Week

  1. Good luck, lady! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! Things have been a bit busy/chaotic for me, too, between work travel, evening commitments and volunteering. I just feel sort of exhausted! I don’t have too much planned this weekend besides a walk with a friend, an engagement party, and brunch with a friend on Sunday. I’m really glad we have no plans tomorrow night because Phil and I need a night to just chill and relax.

  2. I have been feeling like this summer is exceptionally busy for some reason! I don’t know why! When things get crazy I try to get a few minutes a day to just zone out to fun videos on YouTube for a mind break!

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