Cause I’m Crazy, Chase the Police Triathlon

Training is overrated, just get out there and do it. That’s what all the experts say….right?


A good friend is doing her first triathlon this weekend, and I couldn’t just let her go out there on her own. Okay, I totally could, but I knew if I skipped I’d be very jealous. So last Saturday morning I took an hour long bike ride. I found my pedals, and made it happen. I know I won’t be as strong on the bike, but I’ve got two rides under my belt going into race day.

Bike Grease on Calf

I will have zero swims under my belt on race day. But that’s almost intentional at this point. I could have gotten a few in, but it never quite happened. And with less than 48 hours to go, I’m going to wait until I’m at the race. I’ll warm up a bit and call it good.

Katie Looking Forward Superiorman

Am I going to be this happy on the finish? Probably not. But I wasn’t an MBA student when this photo was taken, and I hadn’t spent my summer unemployed and working out whenever I felt.

So I’m just gonna go out on the course, and see what happens.

Do you sign up for races on the fly? Or do you only participate when you know you’re ready?

2 thoughts on “Cause I’m Crazy, Chase the Police Triathlon

  1. Can I just say your post is seriously making me less nervous for the mini-tri I’m doing in a couple of weeks? I have done a small amount of training, but not nearly enough. Your bravery is making me feel soooo much better about it! I hope your tri goes well!

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