Don’t Wait, Chase (a race recap)

Pulling double duty this Sunday, a one little word blog post combined with a race recap, a morning spent on homework, followed by an evening of volunteer work. Monday is also double duty with work and school. Tuesday and Wednesday I just have to survive, then Thursday I work a half day before driving north for more volunteering.

chase the police triathlon recap

I took a half day on Friday so I could drive north without traffic, and have family dinner with an early bedtime. I was out the door of my parents house at 5 am, to meet my friends to drive to Walker. We arrived at the race at 7 am, saw plenty of friendly faces and started setting up transition.

Triathlon transition setup

With plenty of time to set up, ride the run portion of the course, and walk through transitions, I didn’t feel much for nerves until it was the minute before my wave was released for the swim. My goal is the same in every triathlon,

  • don’t drown on the swim,
  • don’t pop a tire on the bike,
  • and the run is a victory lap.

The swim wasn’t as bad as it could have been, considering I had no training, but I wouldn’t say it was good. I was excited that all my friends were coming out of the water about the same time, we took off on the bike, and I got left in the dust. This was weird. I haven’t trained much but I was still decent on our Memorial day ride. Part of the course went through a tunnel, and I thought I heard a “pop” uh oh. I kept going, because I didn’t hear my tire leaking. Then the hills started, and I just didn’t have the energy. I blamed my swim, then I was passed by someone who I really didn’t think should have been a faster biker than me. So I started to wonder if I had a slow leak (which I had on the labor day ride last year). At mile 5 I decided to get off my bike and check. Nope, tire seemed fine, so it must be just me.

I’m bummed my bike portion is going so slow and painful, but nothing I can do about it. Get into transition, switch shoes and off on the run I go…..uphill. I did a run 2 minute, walk 1 minute rotation, then a couple run 3 walk 1, and suddenly I was at the turn around water stop, I had two glasses of water and took off for the final portion of the run. I came in strong, not enough energy to really fly in, but a solid run.

Triathlon Friends

The whole reason for the race was these great friends, not pictured are their supportive husbands who cheered us on. Denise’s wonderful husband was loading up my bike and managed to find the reason I had such a difficult time on the bike…my back brake had been knocked to the side and was dragging. So turns out I got a good resistance workout!

Moral of the story, I went to make memories with friends, so I was rewarded. However I’m now signed up for Lakes Country Triathlon, because I cannot have this be my only tri experience of the year….and I’m coming back next year Walker, because those hills will not get the best of me!

What do you do when things don’t go your way?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, Chase (a race recap)

  1. I’m glad there was a reason that the bike portion of the race didn’t go well! I think it’s good that you got out there and raced even though you didn’t have time to train for it. It sounds like you still have a lot of fun, which is what matters most!

    I’m not great at dealing with things not going my way but I try to remind myself what is in my control and what isn’t because a lot of the time my frustration/disappointment stems from things that aren’t in my control.

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