Wait….Which Way?

Late late late late late…. a Paris Gellar quote, but I wasn’t up late kissing a professor. I’m really excited for Gilmore Girls to come out in November….which has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but I how I wanted to acknowledge that my typical Sunday post…is coming in on Monday morning. I just couldn’t yesterday. wait which wayI had a very long weekend leaving work at noon on Thursday, having the final pageant practice, and then having interviews and the actual pageant on Friday, Saturday I was up bright and early for a 5k, followed by the Riverboat Days parade. By 1 pm I could barely keep my eyes open. I headed home to relax with my family for a couple hours, and then went to visit friends and hang out a bit before heading into town for our 10 year high school reunion.

I didn’t rsvp for the event, with my weekend schedule I didn’t know if I’d even have the energy to go, plus I was nervous. But the event was great. We had a good time, and I think its safe to say we will all go again! (although next time I’ll have 2 less beers, uff da).

Sunday was a bridal shower for some dear friends, and then I got a little more family time with a pontoon ride. I didn’t know which way the weekend was going to go. There were low moments, things I wish had gone differently, but those were out of my control, and there were good moments that shouldn’t be overshadowed.

I hope you all had a great weekend! How many have attended reunions before? Were you nervous going into them, or super excited, or not at all interested?


4 thoughts on “Wait….Which Way?

  1. I went to my 10 year reunion, I wasn’t super excited to go, my husband had to talk me into it, but we did have a good time (though I think we had more fun at a little “after reunion” party we snuck off to at a bar down the road!)

    • haha, we had ours at the favorite bar in town, so we didn’t have to sneak away! I did make sure to have my mom pick me up though.

  2. I haven’t attended any class reunions as I had a really rough high school experience. I will never attend a reunion, but I could see myself going with Phil to one of his as he has kept in touch with his high school friends. I am glad you had a good time at yours!

    I’m super excited for the bonus Gilmore Girls shows. I can’t wait to see what the characters are all up to!

    • i wasn’t a big fan of most of high school either, but since i was in town this weekend it felt like i needed to go. november is too long to wait, and have you seen that lauren graham has a book coming out about her experience?!

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