MBA Year 1….DONE.

A little premature…..In 12 hours my first year of the St. Kates MBA program will be over. It’s hard to believe. This time last year I was unemployed, doing interviews like crazy. It quickly changed, I was hired and starting my first class. I learned a lot about myself, I realized just how much I’ve changed in the last year.

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Sometimes I think I’ve picked the wrong job, or that the time/money/energy spent on a MBA is silly. But there are moments where it all makes sense. Where I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be. And I need to remember and hold on to those moments. The times I’m stressed will pass, I’ll learn from them and be better the next time.

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My favorite instagram account (after Barbie, for real, follow her) gave me a good laugh as I settled into homework last night. I’m so excited for a three week break. I’m thankful to have some good weekends planned, and a few week nights of fun things. I need to recommit to yoga, and there’s one event I’ve got my eye on….but haven’t committed to going to it yet.

Who know’s maybe there will even be some more blogging?!

Are you relieved when you hit the half way point of a project?

Or are you overwhelmed that you are only half way there?

6 thoughts on “MBA Year 1….DONE.

  1. I’m usually relieved when I hit the half way point of something! It can be overwhelming to think of all of the work that is left but once you get past the halfway point, it just feels less overwhelming as there is an end in sight. Congrats on having your first year behind you. It’s really really hard to work full time and go to grad school and have a life outside of that. So kudos to you for getting through it! Enjoy the heck out of your 3 weeks off!

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