Don’t wait, Relax

Ahh weekend bliss. Its not good to wish for it, because then you’re wishing away the week….but its hard not to enjoy the days with hours of freedom. Thursday night I snapped this photo as the official half way point for me and the MBA program.

don't wait relax

Tuesday – Thursday were full of stress, but once the presentation was over, it all melted away. There’s nothing I can do now, except wait for my grade to be posted. Friday night I had wine with a friend, Saturday I ran errands, went for a bike ride, and had dinner at my grandparent’s house. Today I’ll go to church, walk with another friend, and then do dinner and a movie with someone else.

I’m not saving all the good stuff for the weekend. Tuesday night I have a fun dinner out planned, Wednesday I’ve got a happy hour scheduled. So Monday night I really must go to yoga, hopefully with my favorite instructor that I haven’t been to in forever.

So here’s to enjoying life, especially in these few weeks where I don’t have homework to battle and not just on the weekends, but every day.

Do you save all the good stuff for the weekends?

Or do you find a way to fit fun things in during the week?

One thought on “Don’t wait, Relax

  1. I am glad you are enjoying your time off from MBA classes! I hope the 3 week break doesn’t go by too fast, although it likely will, especially when you are filling your time with fun things!

    I tend to have busy week nights and weekends. Sometimes my week nights are more booked than my weekends as people tend to be out of town on the weekends in the summer. This week is quiet which is a welcome change for me but next week I have something going on Tues-Thur night so I am savoring these quiet nights this week!

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