The Triathlon Season that Wasn’t.

Now that Ironman Madison is done, its time for me to announce my plans for next year!

bike tile

Hahahah, you didn’t fall for that did you? This summer I never caught the triathlon bug. I completed a 5k, a 10k, and two sprint triathlons. Which is great, but it didn’t feel great.

Sure I was on the lake this summer, I just was never in it to swim. My biking was minimal. And my runs were fairly consistent, but never pushing towards new speeds or additional distance.

Boat Sunset

Race day nerves are always a thing, but it was my pride that got me across the finish line, not my training. So what is my triathlon future? Who knows… I’ve got grand plans to swim this winter while I have access to a college fitness center, and hopefully that will happen, even if it was every other week, not every week.

swim startSo what will I do next year? No idea. I would love to reinvigorate my training, but I’m not specifically planning on any one thing. I am finding that yoga once a week is an incredibly important part of my health, so I know that will continue.

What workouts are you loving lately?

How do you renew your energy?



2 thoughts on “The Triathlon Season that Wasn’t.

  1. I’m still impressed with what you did accomplish this summer! I did a 5k and my Super Sprint Tri and that was hard enough for me! I’m considering the Super Sprint again next year though, it ended up being a lot of fun in the end.

  2. For me, this was the triathlon long marathon/half marathon season that wasn’t thanks to my hip injury/surgery. It’s been very very very hard for me to take such a long break from running (it’s been about 7 months since I ran), but I *should* get cleared to slowly return to running at my doctor appointment on the 26th. I don’t know what to expect for next year, though. Marathons are off the table (per my decision, I know others who had labrel repairs and ran more marathons but I don’t think it’s worth the stress on my body, knowing I could get a tear in my right hip) but I’d like to do the YWCA sprint tri in August and a fall half marathon.

    I haven’t been able to work out for 1.5 months thanks to the death virus I had, but I am going to ease my way back into it this weekend, starting with a bodypump class. I’d like to get back to working out around 4 days a week!

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