Don’t Wait, Visit

As you’re reading this I’m somewhere in the mountains on my way to Denver, so I can fly to Minneapolis. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days. I left my St. Paul apartment at 8 on Thursday morning, and finally arrived in Crested Butte, Colorado at 10 pm.

I heart CB

Now all I want to know is….what took me so long? Myself and 13 others traveled together to celebrate the marriage of good friends. After more than 20 years its more like friends that are family. We hiked, laughed, took photos and tried new things. I cannot wait to really dive into all the photos. One thing is for certain, I will be back.

Of course the trip wasn’t perfect, I left the reception before the last dance because I just need to get some sleep. There was a delay in picking up our rental car, so our arrival could have been 8 pm instead of the 10 pm. For better or for worse I love these people.

Do you have friends that live far away? Visit them! Don’t wait until a wedding. While it was wonderful, I now want to visit so I can get a better idea of their daily life and have more quality time that isn’t quite as stressed.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, Visit

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip – I hope you’ll share more pictures! How fun that you knew so many people at the wedding, too!

    I am fairly good at visiting friends that live far away. I was especially good when I was single because it gave me an opportunity to travel but I had the benefit of having locals to show me around! I’m not as good about it these days now that I’m in a relationship as I love to travel with my boyfriend. That said, I get significantly more vacation time than he does so I am always going to need to take some trips on my own, which we are both totally ok with. I didn’t visit any friends this past year, but last year I visited one of my best friends that lives in British Columbia, which was an awesome trip. And depending on how the rest of the year shakes out, I’m considering visiting friends in NYC!

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