Don’t Wait, Go.

Before the sunsets too soon I’m trying to soak up all the after work outdoor workouts that I can. One night this week I ventured to Fort Snelling, its close to work and I have a parking pass, so I may as well take advantage!

fort snelling sunset

I had ventured to Fort Snelling once before this summer with a friend and was fairly certain I remembered the path we took. I remembered a couple puddles we had to navigate around, but nothing major…..Its rained quite a bit lately. The “couple puddles” are now clear spots where you really have to go into the woods to avoid.

I ended up with two soggy shoes, despite my best efforts to avoid the water. But I’m glad I went. I got out of my routine a bit, and enjoyed the time alone. I’m finding that I crave alone time lately. I’m not entirely sure why considering I have plenty of it, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Do you find that you want more alone time occasionally?

When you come across a puddle…do you run through it, or go around it?

3 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, Go.

  1. That’s awesome that you work so close that you can pop over there! I haven’t been down there in years. Taking a walk is definitely something I like to do for a little bit of alone time. And I tend to go around puddles 😉

  2. I’m trying to make the most of the evening sunlight hours while I can, too. And I’m trying to fit a longer bike ride into each weekend while the weather is still nice!

    I definitely need to have alone time each week since I am such an introvert. If I have too many things on my calendar, I tend to feel overwhelmed, so I am trying to work on consistently carving out time for me time.

    And I am someone that goes around puddles because I hate having wet/dirty feet!

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