Don’t Wait: Camp

**OOPS! Totally thought this posted on Sunday, turns out it didn’t. Enjoy a few days late!

Camp for adults is a crazy thing. You remember your memories of camp as a kid, and while some of the rules are the same, some things are completely different.

Camp Coco Bonfire

There will be more to come once I get a chance to unpack all my thoughts, but for now…Did you go to camp as a kid? Have you gone on a retreat recently?

Getting away for the weekend, being able to follow a schedule as much as I wanted to or didn’t want to, and being exposed to different people was priceless.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wait: Camp

  1. I can’t wait to hear more about this experience! I went to 4-H camp and band camp when I was a kid. 4-H camp was in a rural area with super old cabins. But Band camp was a bit nicer as they got new dorms the 2nd and 3rd years I went so it was not like a true camping experience. And I have actually never truly camped – like in a tent. I was hoping to go this summer but I was trying to go with 2 former coworkers and we could not find an open weekend!

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