Don’t Wait: go your pace

While race season is over for most athletes, and we haven’t hit the new years resolution resurgence of exercise yet…This is my favorite time of the year to workout outdoors. The temperature is perfect especially when you know it isn’t going to last. So you might stay out a little longer, go a little further.

don't wait go your pace

When you’re running/walking/going next to other people you might start to compare yourself. DON’T DO IT! Comparison is going to get you no where. Do what you can with what you have. I used to be a marathoner. That was three years ago. I could go for an 8 mile run on the weekend and not think much of it. Now I’m a 3 miles or less runner. But I’m starting to feel better and better about it. So maybe I will stretch my distance in the next few weeks. But I needed that more than a month of 3 mile runs to make me think it was maybe time to increase.

Do you compare yourself to others? Or just hold yourself to your past self? Or do you feel grateful for getting out and not worry about the right of it?


One thought on “Don’t Wait: go your pace

  1. I actually do a pretty good job of not comparing myself to others when it comes to running. I have improved so much over the years so I try to focus on how much faster I can run now than I used to and try not to feel bad about how slow my pace might be compared to others. I also try not to say “I’m so slow!” because I’ve heard other faster people make that comment and it annoys the heck out of me! Right now I’m really having to work on not thinking about what others are doing since I can only do walk/run intervals. My overall pace is sooo slow compared to what I used to do but I know I have to start slow and I’m just glad that I’m doing any running at all, especially since this is my favorite time of year to run!

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