Having It All…Fall?

Hello Darkness my old friend….I’m dealing with delightful headaches in the evenings so far this week. I like to think its because my body isn’t appreciating the sun setting so early. At least after mid-December the days will get longer again?

having it all

I can either get all my workouts in, or cook healthy meals, or have a clean apartment, or see my friends. I can do and, and, and. It just doesn’t work that way for me. Also, if that’s the biggest problem I have right now, I suppose things aren’t so bad.

lost in the woods

There are things I want in life, that I’ve wanted for a while, but they seem to be taking their sweet time to get to me. So for now I’m just going to keep doing the best I can, with what I have, and watch for signs along the way.

Do you have it all? Teach me your ways? What is your top priority these days?

One thought on “Having It All…Fall?

  1. I most definitely do not have it all. And I’m feeling like I can commit to less than I did in the past. This week has been super busy as I have things going on 3 nights this week. I do ok w/ busy weekends but busy week nights don’t work for me as the nights feel short as is! I’m not working out as much as I would like and my house is not as clean as it should be/I want it to be. I’m not sleeping as much as I would like as I have a hard time getting to bed as early as I’d like.

    Your reminder about the days getting longer starting in mid-December is encouraging! That’s not so far off. The days feel soooo short right now!

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