Don’t Wait, Donut.

Doughnuts, Donuts, Biscuits, Doughscuits. Saturday morning I treated myself to some time at Mucci’s. I need to take advantage of my proximity to good restaurants, so after some consideration of biking or running to breakfast, I drove myself down with my journal, a book, and no other plans for the morning.

muccis donuts

Fueled by a delicious fried chicken topped doughscuit, aka biscuit that’s been fried like a donut, I was moved to pull everything out of my closet and rearrange. Two days later it isn’t all put back together, but it’s still better than how it had been. I also managed to vacuum Saturday morning, and Sunday night was spent washing my sheets and taking a night shower so I could climb into clean sheets with a clean self. Here’s hoping it means that the week will start fresh. I had a rough couple days at work which was the main reason for the need to doughscuit. But new week, new possibilities.

What’s your doughnut preference? How do you spell it? Where do you get your favorite?


One thought on “Don’t Wait, Donut.

  1. I spell it donut. I don’t eat them much since it can be tough to find GF donuts. I went to ab biscuit place when I visited Asheville, NC that had GF biscuits. I should try to make them sometime as biscuits are probably easy to make GF as they are dense in the first place (GF baking results in more dense baked goods usually since gluten makes things more flaky/airy/light).

    I hope you have a better week this week! I bet it felt good to get some cleaning and organizing done. I love crawling into clean sheets!!!

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