Don’t Wait, speak up.

I know everyone is pissed off about the election for one reason or another. All of your opinions are valid, and I think people on all sides of the issue can agree that there are problems. Friday night I met a woman who is part of the problem. My dad was telling her  about my brother, who loves the restaurant we were at. Johnny has his preferred spot to sit, and his favorite items on the menu. We also told her about the different activities he enjoys, especially driving around with Daddy.

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Her response was… “Normal kids don’t live with their parents.” EXCUSE ME!?!? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Johnny is extraordinary, he may not be able to move out of the house, but that doesn’t make him less of a person. And he might not live at home forever, but why can’t he for now?

He may require 24 hour care, but that doesn’t mean he can’t love and be loved. Granted, he wasn’t with us at the time, so maybe she felt it wasn’t disrespectful because it wasn’t to his face. But it was. Completely disrespectful.

I wrote a guest post for and maintained so much positivity during that post. But there’s a dark side to adults with disabilities. Johnny isn’t 5 years old, he’s 25, and people are rude. I mostly kept my cool (at least on the outside) and managed to not upset others in the restaurant, but the woman’s words hurt, and she has no idea what life is truly like. She claimed to have some kind of experience with disabled adults, but clearly by her words that experience does not equal understanding.

To be fair, I wrote this right away on Friday night because I needed to get it out of my system. But I’m still mad at this lady, and I hope my shutting down the conversation reminded her.. If you can’t say anything nice, maybe don’t say anything at all?

No question this week, instead, tell me something GOOD!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, speak up.

  1. OMG, really? That is such an awful thing to say. I can understand why this was very upsetting for you, and I’d still be mad if I was you, too. :/ Geez there are some people who are highly lacking in compassion and understanding.

    Something good for me is that I roasted a chicken for the first time this weekend and it was soooo good. For some reason, roasting a chicken has always intimidated me but now that I’ve done it, I can see that it’s crazy simple so I’ll be roasting chickens going forward instead of buying rotisserie ones at the grocery store. I mean, the grocery store ones are good, but there’s a lot of stuff on the list of ingredients that just doesn’t need to be there.

  2. Thanks for posting this Katie. We need to stick together and break this kind of #$$^#@# talk. As families who have loved ones that can’t speak for themselves. We need to be their voice!!!!! Love to you!

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