Don’t Wait, Live.

I didn’t write this week. I was out and about, and didn’t find time to finish a post. I also didn’t read other blogs. With the holiday weekend coming up I’m hoping for some quiet time to get caught up and maybe even a few posts drafted.

don't wait live

Sometimes friends tell me to “say no to things” of course they usually say that when I’m trying to say no to them. Truthfully there aren’t many things I want to give up right now. I’d like someone to do cooking/dishes/laundry, but in reality it doesn’t take that much time for me to do it.

I like to focus on what I can say “yes” to. So my blog posts may become more and more sporadic. I’d like to spend more time on Linked In and professional development. I love this space, but I don’t see myself becoming a famous blogger, I don’t actually know if those exist anymore.

If you could hire someone to help you out with a chore or activity, what would it be?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wait, Live.

  1. I’m working on trying to say yes to the right amount of things. November has been better and I’ve felt less overwhelmed. Sept/Oct were exhausting, though, and I definitely came to the realization that I can’t keep over-committing.

    A chore I’d love to get rid of is cleaning. I hired a cleaning company when I lived on my own but Phil isn’t on board with doing that. So we split the cleaning duties in half. It doesn’t take all that much time now that we’ve split the duties, but I just HATE scrubbing the tub! I don’t mind the rest of it, but that is one chore I’d love to get rid of!

    I hope you get some time to rest and relax over Thanksgiving weekend!

    • I can’t justify a cleaning company in my studio, but I would totally consider it if I were in a house. Having someone to break up the work with definitely helps!

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