Thank you Rory Gilmore…1 week recap.

I’m drinking champagne as if it’s Thanksgiving Eve all over again friends. The last few weeks have been rough. Lots of overtime, minimal free time, and all I could do was focus on Thanksgiving.

I traveled to Florida to see my family, go on a few boat rides, morning walks on the beach with my mom, and even paddle boarded twice. But last Wednesday I had tears in my eyes at church, overwhelmed. Completely exhausted. I came back to work yesterday (tuesday) and was afraid I was going straight back to that path. But today the fog is starting to lift. And guess what…I have Rory Gilmore to thank.

thank you rory gilmore

Spoilers: Rory has no job, no apartment, and while she has a boyfriend, he’s not that great and she’s fooling around with an ex-boyfriend. Aka, she’s a mess. And I have a job, and an apartment, and while I don’t have a boyfriend, my relationships are all fairly healthy.

I loved the revival. There were some things I didn’t care for, but overall I think they did a wonderful job. I’d love for there to be a second season/year/edition, but we need everyone back in order for me to be fully on board.

I’m not up to date on the Gilmore Guys podcast, so its pretty fun to be listening to old episodes where they speculate about the reunion, knowing that it has happened, and they were in a scene!

So cheers to a better week. To taking things one day at a time, and knowing that the hard times don’t last forever. Rory will get things under control, and so will I.

Did you watch the A Year in the Life? What were your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Thank you Rory Gilmore…1 week recap.

  1. I loved the revival and I agree, Rory’s life is kind of a mess, but I think she’ll get things together. I liked the way things came full circle and while I would love the second season, I agree that it would have to involve everyone.
    And you’ll figure everything out too! Every day is a new day 🙂

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