Glensheen Christmas

Duluth is a beautiful city to visit anytime of the year. Trust me, I used to live there. Depending on the season I’d send you different places, but the Glensheen Mansion is proving to be a great spot any time of year. Even if you went years ago as a field trip, go again.

Through MNCommunity I was able to visit Glensheen on Saturday morning. I snuck down to the water and got a quick sunrise photo of Lake Superior (or an attempt at sunrise, it was pretty cloudy). The grounds and rooms are decorated for the holidays, with hidden elves to entertain visitors.

I would highly recommend adding Glensheen to your Duluth plans. Of course they also have Bentleyville as a way to celebrate. The crowds at Bentleyville can get a little crazy, so I would do a Glensheen tour in the early afternoon, and then Bentleyville right away at 5 when they open.

What are your favorite spots in Duluth? What types of decorations are your favorite?

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    • It is definitely a haul, if you ever have some time off in the spring, it’s a great time to visit without crowds.

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