The weekend that wasn’t.

Are you thawed yet? I tried to go out Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. The roads just were not great. I wanted to see the friends I had made plans with, but I wasn’t willing to risk a totaled car for a meal with a friend. I hated canceling, but thankfully with all of them we’ve been friends long enough to work it out.

So this was my view, for almost 72 hours. Now it was pretty, but my apartment was showing the wear and tear of how busy I have been lately. There were small piles that can kept shifting and growing. So I took the time to go through them, throw a lot away, write a letter to a friend, and address Christmas cards.

I did walk on Saturday night to Emmett’s Public House. It’s super close to my apartment, but I had never been. It is safe to say I will be going again soon, if only for the drink above. (and this would be a great place to tell you what the drink is, but their website apparently doesn’t include their drink menu) I can tell you there was some kind of honey addition that was delightful. Very sweet and light (yet still plenty strong).

I have no clue how my week will go, I’m hoping it will be easy but I’ve always been a “prepare for the worst, and be surprised if it happens to be the best” type of preparer.

What’s on your agenda for the week? Are you on vacation and hanging out at home, working all day and buying last minute gifts all night? Or finding a nice balance?


3 thoughts on “The weekend that wasn’t.

  1. The weather this weekend was dreadful! I was out and about on Saturday morning as I went to the gym and had to go pick up my meat share at the Mill City farmer’s market. But after that I barely left the house. I’ve been gone so much recently between my Spain trip and my work trips to Chicago. It was nice to stay put and work on things like cleaning the house and de-cluttering. I hosted my friends for a cookie decorating party on Sunday night – I was so happy they were coming to me so I didn’t have to leave the house!!!

    I’m not taking any time off around the holidays as my coworkers with kids tend to take time off. I am working from home on Friday, though, which will be really nice. And we get a half day as the market closes early that day. Then we are heading to Battle Lake to celebrate Christmas with my family and will head back here on Christmas day to celebrate with Phil’s mom. Looks like the weather will be good for traveling – hope that holds true!

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