Wait, Sleep, exhaustion.

I had another post written, but my thought process then versus now has changed quite a bit. Prior to the weekend I was very worn out. Despite best efforts I wasn’t feeling relaxed, I was exhausted no matter what I was doing.

I could go to bed early, get a workout, eat decent, and not really feel better. I had a few days off in December and never quite felt relaxed after them.

The weather this weekend didn’t help my stress level with the driving I had to do, but I took my time and got everywhere in one piece. Now in this last week of 2016 I’m trying to wrap up loose ends and prepare for a better 2017.


What do you do when you’re exhausted? How do you reset yourself?

One thought on “Wait, Sleep, exhaustion.

  1. I’ve been exhausted lately, too. Phil has asked me multiple times if I have mono or something. I think it’s the business of the season, multiple trips, and the shorter days of sunlight (although at least the days will start getting longer now). I’ve been trying to take it more easy and have laid down on the couch to rest when I feel extra tired. I always feel guilty when I nap and it sometimes messes with my nighttime sleep. But lately I’ve given myself permission to lay down when I’m feeling tired.

    I hope you get a chance to rest and recuperate!

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