Begin Joy, end the wait.

A new year is here. I realized mid-week that I never wrote a final “wait” post. Or rather, I wrote it, but didn’t realize it was the last week that I’d be writing about “wait”.

I have loved choosing a word of the year. I began with “Peace” which was when there was some turmoil in my life. Throughout that year I learned how to recognize peaceful moments, I learned that I need to schedule quiet days because given the chance I will cram more people and plans into a day than is actually possible.

Then I moved on to “Chance” I knew that changes were going to come in the year. I knew that I would have to take a chance and try something new. I was unemployed, I went to South America, I started a new job and the MBA program.

2016 was the year of waiting. There is so much that I want, that I do not have yet. I don’t know if by choosing “wait” I became okay with a year of not accomplishing goals, or if I just acknowledge that the road is going to be longer/harder than I want it to be. So as I go into 2017, I am choosing “Joy”. Finding the happy moments, choosing the people/places/things that bring me joy.

What word would you choose to represent last year?


What word would you pick for 2017?

3 thoughts on “Begin Joy, end the wait.

  1. The two words that come to mind for 2016 are busy and patience! I felt so busy – too busy – for much of the year due to over-planning my schedule. But I also had to be patient, mostly with my body as I had to give it time to heal from hip surgery and I wasn’t able to get back to running as quickly as I had hope I would.

    I think joy is a great word to focus on. I think when we are intentional about looking for joy in our life, it’s easy to find it!

    • I think we share the over-planning habit, I’m currently avoiding a group text because I don’t know what I’m going to be in the mood for a month for now, I’ve got 3 different options for the same night! (not a bad thing, just stressful).

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