Joy in the quiet

The first week of 2017 is done, and I’ve gone to 2 yoga classes but haven’t gotten my 10k steps every day. Am I proud or disappointed? Neither. I’m glad I got to yoga, I wish I had gotten on my indoor bike trainer since running on ice or walking outside do not sound appealing. But overall the week was good.

I am up north this weekend with the intention of cleaning my closet at my parent’s house. Since moving out it has become a wasteland of memories and stuff. I know I don’t need it all, but there’s no way I’m staying inside in the spring, summer, or fall. So with a high temperature of 6…it seems like a good day to devote to making a mess, throwing stuff out, and putting it back together. My family is gone so its just me, myself, and I, which a few years ago would have meant telling people to come hang out with me. And now means that I hope there are a few good movies on tv tonight while I lay on the couch (since my apartment is too small to even have a couch).

How was your first week of 2017? Did you hit all your resolutions? Or are you reconfiguring  for a better plan?

Are you a packrat? Or do you keep your memories in your head and enjoy clean closets?

One thought on “Joy in the quiet

  1. We are in serious need of closet cleaning. We’re packrats and very guilty of the “well that might fit again someday” mentality. I’m letting that go this year and emptying things out!

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