Throw it out, Let it go.

January is the official fresh start month. Its too cold to do much in Minnesota, which meant I devoted an entire day to cleaning out my closet. Everything came out, it was sorted through, and only the good stuff went back in.

I overflowed our garbage (oops),

I got rid of 3 bins worth of junk,

I sifted through memories.

And I think I went a little crazy by the end of the day. But now every weekend that I come to visit my parents, I’m going to open a clean closet, that still has plenty of memories, but not unnecessary baggage.

I was able to reflect on high school, college, and the years up until now. I was reminded of things I had forgotten, and thankful for times that are over. I realized how many wonderful people have been in my life, and how lucky I am.

So if you haven’t cleaned lately. I encourage you to block off some time and give it a try.

Are you pack rat?


4 thoughts on “Throw it out, Let it go.

  1. I am not a packrat but my husband would really really like to be. I do have a few boxes of things from when I was a pup, but I am sure once Critter starts overloading our house with them, I’ll have no issue tossing those things.

  2. I tend to purge stuff every January, too. Although last February I got rid of so much that there isn’t all that much left for me to get rid of. I did go through my closet last night, though, and found a few more things to get rid of which always feels good!

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