Joy: Book Club

Not the best photo this week, but that is okay. I finally attended my first book club! I’m a terrible member, I didn’t admit it at the meeting/dinner, but I didn’t read the book. I still plan to, but I wasn’t in the mood for it. So I just didn’t. I do find our next one interesting, so I’ll be diving into that one soon!

My MBA class is online this month and it has been the biggest blessing. I’ve gained 6 more hours in my week, which means more plans with friends, enough workouts, and cooking at home. I cannot image September when I am entirely done with school and have all the time in the world!

Other things that brought me joy this week: happy hour with my camp coco alumni, the first mn_community event of 2017, and plans for cross country skiing tomorrow!

What brought you Joy this week?

Have you ever attended a book club?

9 thoughts on “Joy: Book Club

  1. I am in a couple of books clubs! One is a local one that’s been going strong for about 2 years. Sometimes people don’t read the book and that is ok. They still come, they just know that they mind get some spoilers. But we spend maybe 1/2 the time talking about the book and the rest is time to catch up on our lives. I also am starting a book club with some friends that I met through blogging. We have a private facebook group and will post discussion questions on there. Our first book is “Hillbilly Elegy”.

    Enjoy the final countdown to being done with grad school. It is THE BEST feeling to get all that time back. ALthough you will be surprised how quickly it gets used up. Everytime I finished studying for a level of the CFA, I thought I was going to have all this free time but it gets taken up so quickly! But nonetheless, it’s awesome to be able to fill your time with things you want to do and to not have to be in a classroom at a certain place for a certain amount of time, not to mention all the freaking group work (my MBA program had soooooo much group work).

  2. I’ve been kicked out of a book club for not reading the books. But they were the same period pieces that bored me to tears so I was fine with it. Joy this week? It was birthday we did fun birthday stuff. And we got U2 tickets for this summer which I’m looking forward to. That’s so exciting that you’re almost done with your MBA program!

  3. I loved my book club in Minnesota, but haven’t joined one here yet. My joy was a fantastic overnight girl scout trip, complete with roller skating, ice skating, tubing, and CC skiing with the amazing rocky mountains as our backdrop. Enjoy your online class. Any free time I thought I had goes bye bye this week since I start marathon training. Yahoooo!

  4. I haven’t done the book club thing. Sometimes I think I should start my own. I’ve really gotten back into ready this past year. This year, I’m focusing on abandoning books I don’t enjoy. That’s when I stop reading. when I feel like I *have* to finish a book. 🙂

  5. I’ve never tried a book club but have always wanted to!
    My joy this week – having a full house with family in town for my little one’s birthday (:

  6. I love bookclubs – I’ve dipped in and out of different ones over the years. I think half the point is just getting together with like minded people – discussing the book is a bonus!

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