The highs and lows of an online MBA class.

I’m in the middle of my first online MBA class, and it is a different world than the normal classroom. I’m glad in January that I don’t have to drive Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings…But that might be where my pro-list ends.

Instead of gearing up for class day, I constantly feel like I need to be home working on homework. Also, I want to see my classmates. They are good people, inspire me weekly, and online discussions are just not the same!

Last night I intended to do some homework for next week. I have plans this weekend so it would be great to not feel behind.  Instead I made dinner, washed dishes, and made some soup to freeze for lunches in the coming weeks. I didn’t get to my homework and I feel behind even though it was for working ahead!

I’m sure in July I will have a different opinion, I’ll want some alone time and a nice break from the classroom. But that will also be the final push, before GRADUATION!

I’ve also intended to go to yoga, but the timing just hasn’t worked out. I will go Saturday morning, some hell or high water, and I plan on going Sunday evening as well.

Is your schedule easier to maintain when you have entire flexibility? Or when you have some time constraints?

One thought on “The highs and lows of an online MBA class.

  1. I do MUCH better when I have a schedule. I am not terrible at self-directing, but I really like the community-aspect of classes, workspaces, etc.

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