Indoor Bike Trainer FTW!

In May I bought an indoor bike trainer off of a Facebook friend. I knew I wouldn’t use it in the summer, nor in the fall. I probably should have attempted to set up the trainer in December, but I didn’t have the drive or desire to figure it out.

Finally a few weeks ago I started googling. Because I purchased a used trainer I didn’t have an information sheet or how to guide. Between this video and this other video both from Youtube, I hoped I would be okay.

And so far I am! I’ve ridden about once a week, for anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Nothing record breaking, but enough to feel good. The indoor rides are especially great when I’m not in the mood for running in the dark, but want something a little more intense than the usual walking stroll around the neighborhood.

Do you buy things used and then just google how to get them set up?

Or do you prefer to buy brand new so you know you have all the tools to get started?

One thought on “Indoor Bike Trainer FTW!

  1. That’s great that you figured it out! I bought a bike rack for my car on craig’s list. The guy showed me how to attach it and it seemed pretty straight forward but I could not figure it out when I got home. I googled instruction sheets and watched you tube videos but I still don’t feel like I am doing it right. So I am going to have a friend with a similar rack show me how to use it!

    Having a bike trainer would be great, though. So nice to be able to workout without leaving your house!

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