Joy: wine at sunfish cellars

There are a million restaurants and bars that I want to go to. I prefer not to go to the same place twice, because the “to try” list keeps growing. But some nights you just need the comfortable choice. And my comfort place is Sunfish Cellars.

A wine bar with amazing food and a liquor store connected in case you need to bring something home, plus welcoming staff. I usually order whatever wine flight they have available, with one of their flatbread pizzas. The corner spot at the bar is my preferred seat, and sometimes allows for a taste of another wine that’s being discussed. Last night’s taste was a white from New York (I wasn’t familiar with the grape) but it was grown in Georgia. I’m not usually a white fan, but it was delicious!

I journaled for a bit, checked my schedule for next week, and left feeling ready to enjoy the weekend.

Do you go to the same comfort spots over and over?

Or are you always seeking the next hot spot?

2 thoughts on “Joy: wine at sunfish cellars

  1. We tend to go to the same places often… I just find comfort in routines and going places where I know I can order GF food. We do try new places but it’s maybe once every other month or something like that? My book club tends to go to new places, though, so it’s a good way to get my fix for trying something new. Tonight we are going to Italian Eatery and I’m so excited to check it out and see my girls.

    This post reminds me that I need to go to wine bars more often! You night sounded so lovely!!

  2. We definitely have a tendency to go to the same places because we’re creatures of habit, but we also know what we like and sometimes it’s nice going where you know what to expect! That said, I’ve never been to Sunfish and now want to try it!

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