Single Style Songs (my current playlist)

Music is a huge part of my soul. Not necessarily my identity, I haven’t been a part of any music group since college (handbell choir to be exact). But I turn to music to fit either how I am feeling, or how I want to feel. These are the songs that I’m currently enjoying, and somewhat pertain to my single/dating status.

Also included in my current playlist but not listed here is the La La Land soundtrack.

  • Me, Myself & I – G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha “Solo ride until I die, cause I got me for life”
  • Good as Hell – Lizzo “Ooo child tired of the bullshit”
  • White Flag – Joseph “I’d rather be dead than live a lie”
  • Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya “I don’t wanna sit still look pretty”
  • Confident – Demi Lovato “I want my choice, and I run this show”
  • Moving on Never Felt So Good – Nashville “I hear a joyful noise down in my soul”
  • Me Too – Meghan Trainor “I thank god every day that I woke up feeling this way”
  • Guys My Age – Hey Violet : “Guys my age don’t know how to treat me”
  • Blood in the Cut – K. Flay “The guy I love has a girl right now”
  • Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly “What can I say its complicated”
  • Here (2:00 AM Version) – Alessia Cara “Please enjoy your party, I’ll be here”

I don’t stick to one particular genre, although if you see a theme other than “top 40” please let me know.

Do you feel a connection to music? Or is it just part of the background noise?

2 thoughts on “Single Style Songs (my current playlist)

  1. That is a fun playlist! Music is a huge part of my identity, too. I grew up playing piano and was in bad and choir. I love building playlists for my runs as there are some songs that give me extra energy to power through! Lately I feel like I don’t listen to music as much because I listen to so many podcasts! The playlist I’ve been working on lately is our wedding one. We aren’t having a dance or a dj, but there is an AV system at the reception site so we’ll have background music playing. My fiance is not into music and the music he does like isn’t right great background music for a wedding reception. Lol. But we did choose our first dance song together (we are still doing a first dance even though we aren’t going to have a wedding dance). We chose “Here, There, Everywhere” by the Beatles!

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