Joy: Looking Up

Last week as I pulled into church I noticed a lot of people in the parking lot, looking up. Not hurrying inside (I tend to arrive right on time, not early).

A bald eagle was perched on top of one of the trees. The service opened up with the pianist playing “On eagles wings” an impromptu choice and not the plan.

bald eagle in a pine tree

I hope to also have that flexibility, and ability. To change, at a moments notice, when the opportunity arises. To look up and see the possibility, not look down or behind. Half way through yoga yesterday the instructor said “don’t worry about what we’ve done so far, just focus on this move”. By staying in the present I was able to find the extra push.

Things don’t always go our way. But we can search for the good. Its out there for us, if we keep looking up.


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