Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival 2017

HUMP DAY!! I have to get through today, and two more days of work before I can fly out to Mexico! I’m excited for the sun and sand, but don’t really feel the need for a beer in my hand….I think I’m still full from Saturday.

Beer Dabbler 2017 was just as fun as 2016. The weather was fairly similar, deceptively warm prior to leaving my apartment, and quickly becoming cold as the sun went down. This year I went with 4 people, which was a ton of fun. Of course you might run into more people you know, but planning on it can be difficult. Here is last year’s recap.


The Ommegang was a long line we happened to stand in, right before we reach the pouring station some girl started complaining that “they already ran out of Rosetta its not even worth it.” And walked off in a huff. Well whatever, we filled our cups with what they did have available and enjoyed ourselves. Its easy to stress at the beginning about not wasting time, and getting the best sips possible. But when you settle in and go with the flow of the crowd you have so much more fun.

Will I do dabbler again? Probably. The price is a tough one, but the day of fun is worth it!


3 thoughts on “Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival 2017

  1. I hope your work week goes by quickly! Have THE BEST time in Mexico!! I so wish that we could have gone to the Carribean but we are going to try to start a family this summer so my doctor said we couldn’t go to anywhere with the zika virus. Womp womp. But I can’t really complain as San Diego will be wonderful! The beer dabbler sounds fun! The huffy girl sounded dramatic! Things like that happen – you have the best time when you just go with the flow and make the most of an event. Your admission is a suck cost you won’t get back so you might as well make the most of what is available!!

  2. I am SO sad we skipped the Beer Dabbler this year, it’s one of my favorite festivals, but because we bought expensive tickets to a Curling and Craft Beer thing later this month we opted out this year. I’m glad you had a good time! I hope to be back next year!

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