Joy: Vacation Edition

I hope Minnesota or whatever state you are in is warm. But….my weather is probably warmer. I haven’t gone on a full week vacation…in a long time. Maybe 2011? Either way I am so excited that I will be here in Mazatlan, Mexico through Saturday.

I was 7 the first time I visited, the Macarena was in full swing, and I danced my little heart out. I played bingo like a good 70 year old retiree, and painted pottery to bring home. All of these things will happen again this week, except for maybe the Macarena, what song are we dancing to these days?

Trips in college were different. More of your typical spring break mentality, but still family focused. I never did the crazy spring break with just 20 somethings and no supervision. This year I’m hoping for good walks and runs, reading for fun and for homework, and delicious drinks and dinners.

What is your vacation style? New place to explore every time? Or relax to the max?

One thought on “Joy: Vacation Edition

  1. Enjoy your week away! My favorite vacations are ones that combine time to relax in the sun with exploration. A lot of times when we go on vacations, we pack a lot of things in and don’t relax all that much, but being by the beach/ocean makes it easier to relax. Have a wonderful week away!!!!

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