Joy: Travel

Are you sick of hearing about vacation? I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve been all about the sharing. I’m thinking I need to arrange my time and stress differently. While the week wasn’t devoid of stress, the levels are much lower than they had been.

Saturday and Sunday night I struggled to fall asleep. Sunday night was especially frustrating as I tossed and turned knowing I’d need to go to work in the morning. Instead of blogging on Sunday I spent time at my Grandparent’s house and then visited another friend. We went for a walk, watched a movie, and it wasn’t productive for time, but it was fun. Now I managed to almost triple book this Saturday, but I’m picking the 1st commitment and letting the other two slide.

Moving forward I’m going to attempt to stay somewhat above the fray. Notice the beauty, and do what I can to relax myself.

How do you relax when you can’t escape? Any tips and tricks I can steal?

One thought on “Joy: Travel

  1. It’s hard to carry that vacation relaxation into daily life. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything that you think you HAVE to do. I try to think about whether I really need to do x, y, or z. Some things can’t be put off, like laundry. But we’ve pushed back our cleaning schedule to every 3rd weekend instead of every other weekend. Yes, our house could be cleaner, but I’m focusing on having it look tidier. I’m also planning way fewer weekend commitments to the extent possible. I like having social plans but too much in one weekend makes me so overtired and stressed out!

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