Homework, with a side of life.

It’s international women’s day. And in the idea of supporting women I hope you’ll allow me to share what’s going on in my life. Its been a tough week or so, month or so, year or so? There have been many good things, but I frequently feel as if I’m trying and fighting and doing my best, and I don’t see the payoff.

The light is almost at the end of the tunnel for my MBA program. My hope is that once it is completed my stress level will reduce. My most recent class has pushed me. To work through muddy waters, and slowly move towards understanding.

I am simultaneously trying to figure out what my next development/work goal should be. I keep reading articles about sharing what you want, naming it, claiming it, and working towards it. The problem is, I’m not sure what that should be. With my limited free time I haven’t been able to research, I can’t necessarily take days/afternoons off to meet for coffee and network. So in the spare moments I do get, I feel as if I’m constantly apologizing or appearing as if I’m unorganized. I think those who truly know me understand that I’m doing my best. But how do I convince strangers?

If anyone knows of a good buzzfeed quiz for discovering your true passion, feel free to send it my way. Also, I’m an ESFJ with strengths of Individualization, Communication, Discipline, Focus, and Significance. (if you want to be reassured that I believe in quizzes beyond buzzfeed’s capabilities).

4 thoughts on “Homework, with a side of life.

  1. Ugh, I feel your pain about your state of life. That’s how I felt in grad school, too. You get pulled in so many different directions between work and life and school and other obligations. You don’t really feel like you can give any area your ‘all’. And you don’t have the head space to figure out what you truly want out of your career. It’s tough but it will get better once you are done with school and gain some mental space back. I think it’s so hard to figure out where we ‘belong’ career wise. My feeling that I’m in the right place has ebbed and flowed over the years. I know I’m in the right line of work for my skill set but I also have had to come to terms with the fact that my career isn’t going to provide as much satisfaction and meaning as I thought it would when I was younger. But it provides a good level of work/life balance so I have time to pursue other things that give me more fulfillment. But it’s taken me many years to get to a role that I’m content and happy with and doesn’t leave me wanting to bang my head on my desk (or crying in a bathroom stall!!).

    • Oh so I’m not the first person to take my tears to the bathroom? That’s good to know! In all seriousness, thank you. You’re right, there is so much that ebbs and flows. Now I just need to learn when to fight the currant.

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