Still Kickin, a bonus post.

Just when I thought all hope was lost. Things are starting to look up! I happened to score a ticket to Minnebar a conference located at Best Buy coming up in the next few weeks. I led a deal review at work today and received a compliment from someone I thought didn’t like me. And the weekend is almost here!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. You have been a part of many transformations that you are conscious of and many more that you are not. Today, change will occur around you, through you and because of you.

I bought this beer back in October. I think it sincerely was lost in the back of the liquor store because it was released in the summer. I was never lucky enough to find it, until it was supposedly gone.

I promptly bought what the store had in stock, gave some to a friend, and kept the rest for myself. But it never felt right to open. And today I decided not to wait any longer. And its delicious. And I should have never waited. But I like delayed gratification. I like to be sure of something before I commit. Maybe that holds me back from some experiences, but its me. And it works for now.

One thought on “Still Kickin, a bonus post.

  1. Hooray for some unexpected great things! I’m the same way about delayed gratification at times. I can’t think of a good example but I know that I have done that in the past. The name of that beer is perfect for now you are feeling right now!

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