Joy: “Irish” fun and Italian “fries”

Somehow I celebrated St. Patrick’s day yesterday? I assumed next weekend would be the time to go out and about. I had friends who planned appropriately and explored the West 7th area of St. Paul on Saturday afternoon. I joined them later and was happy that they were able to score a table at The Liffy.

Our age started to show when we entered one of the many tents, and prompt exited the tent. It was so crowded we decided to head up to Grand Ave where the crowd hadn’t migrated to…yet.

We went to Wild Onion since it is known for fun times and ordered more drinks and food. I ordered Italian fries assuming they were like chili fries, but Italian ingredients. Nope! I got a fast food tray of cheesy breadsticks. Which the majority of is now sitting in my fridge.

The weekend went nothing like I planned. I showed up and went with the flow, and had a good time. Now its snowing and a new week is starting. Unfortunately I’ve got quite a fews that are all pretty high priority, so I’m hoping my body adjusts to the day light savings time change well, because I don’t have time to be operating at less than my best.

Did you start your St. Patrick’s day celebrations? Or are you a strictly the 17th celebrator? Or does the holiday not really affect your calendar?

2 thoughts on “Joy: “Irish” fun and Italian “fries”

  1. I would have been disappointed with those Italian Fries, too! (plus I wouldn’t have been able to eat them since I can’t have bread due to my gluten intolerance). I remember going to an Irish celebration when I first moved to Minneapolis in the St. Paul area, I think at O’Gara’s? There was a huge tent. Even then it was not my scene as it was just too many people (I don’t do crowds).

    I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day since I’m not a beer drinker and am not a big fan of Irish food either, like Corned beef and has. I was in Chicago for spring break one year on St. Patrick’s day and it was cool to see all the festivities as they really really celebrate that holiday there!

    Good luck getting all your to do’s done this week. I like that we get more evening sunlight but it’s rough to adjust to losing an hour of sleep!!

    • It was definitely a crowded scene, I am pleasantly surprised with how I have adjusted this week, the evening sunlight has been nice!

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