Finding Peace

This week has been full of ups and downs. I’m very ready for a quiet Saturday night in Aitkin. I have had to rearrange and reschedule and put off scheduling some things.

Surprisingly my overall attitude this week has been better than usual. The disappointments of the week have still been replayed in my head, but I’m accepting them. What has happened is in the past, all i can do is look forward.

This blog has always been about me. It isn’t about gaining followers or showing my marketing skills. Its a place for me to share what I’m going through. I have no idea where life is going to take me. This time next year I could be in an entirely different place. Or I could be living a very similar life. I don’t know. Instead of being scared of this, I’m going to trust that I’ve gotten through the last 28 years, I can probably get through the next 28.

When things are confusing, do you replay them in your head?

Or do you push past the confusion?

2 thoughts on “Finding Peace

  1. I’m not great at letting go of things when they don’t go well. I”m tend to fixate on things and think about them a lot, which isn’t healthy… It’s something I’m working on. I struggle with this during the colder months as I do better at dealing with things when I can be outside walking and running and such. I’m so glad that the weather is warming up so I can spend more time outdoors as that helps w/ my stress level so much!

    Enjoy your quiet night at home with your family!!!

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