Backing Off.

I spent most of the weekend checking in with myself. Stress level, happiness, energy, muscle soreness. I do these checkins all the time, but I’m not quite pleased with the result. It is because I’m placing too high of demands of myself? Or because I’m not making good choices and therefore am feeling worn down?

I’m running 2 miles at a time until my body can get through that without hurting. Then I plan to increase it to 3 miles. Running helps the mental health, provided my schedule allows the time to get out on the road.

I retold my latest dating stories on Saturday, which prompted someone to ask if I’ve shared them. Not much has changed since that post, but my horoscope decided to give me quite the wake up call yesterday.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). At any point in a relationship, someone loves harder. Which one is loving harder? You. You seem to be always loving harder. What is going on with this? Back off. Receive.

Backing off is not my strength, receiving is definitely not something I am used to. There are so many things that I want to accomplish, and it feels like if I back off I will never reach my goals.

Are you a giver? Do you find a balance with receiving?

2 thoughts on “Backing Off.

  1. I am definitely more of a giver than a receiver as well. So backing off in a relationship was always hard for me. I do feel that when you meet the right person you won’t have to back off and can just give of yourself fully, but it takes time to get to the point where you can do that! Gosh, dating is so hard!

    I will say that I have shifted how i give/receive in friendships. I used to be the initiator for get togethers and such but it got to the point where I realized I was usually or always the one reaching out to set something up. So I have kind of stopped doing that with some friends. I still care for them and consider them close friends but I just have decided that I don’t need to give and give and give, especially when my life is full as is…

    • I hear you! On both the finding someone where you don’t have to back off, and on the instigating plans with friends. I unfortunately have so few free nights/weekends that I have to say no more times than I say yes. But if I’m spontaneously available I try to reach out on the off chance that I can see someone!

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