Joy. Sunrise.

Two weekends in a row up north, bliss. I specifically sleep with my window shades open so that I can see the sunrise. Saturday morning I stumbled out of bed, took the photo, and then cuddled back up with Johnny.

After another hour then I made my way over to Gull Lake. 4 wonderful miles of running with a friend. Sharing what is new with our lives and what we try to do to stay healthy. The great part about running in the Gull Lake area is the proximity to Zorbaz. The group specifically chose to end the run there so we could chat about summer plans and races.

It was exactly the Saturday I needed. I did 1 chapter of homework before heading to an early dinner with my family. And as small town dining tends to go, I saw a lot of friends, and ended up going out after dinner as well. I didn’t plan on a late night, but it was worth it to go out and have some laughs.

Sunday is already bringing some blues. I don’t want to go back to the cities this afternoon. I’m contemplating staying up north and making the 4:30 am drive down to the cities. I doubt I will take that option this weekend. Sunday nights in my own apartment are good for getting settled, preparing for the week ahead. So I’ll have to make the most of my next 6 or so hours of northern living before making the drive south.

When is the weekend over for you?

Sunday night? Sunday afternoon? Or Monday morning?

One thought on “Joy. Sunrise.

  1. It’s so tough to have that “I don’t want to go home” feeling! It doesn’t help that life is so crazy busy for you right now between work and grad school. So up north is an especially happy place for you.

    For me, the weekend ends around 7 pm on Sunday. I do prep work throughout the weekend to prepare for the week (mostly meal prep) so I am thinking about the work week before 7pm but after I get done watching 60 minutes on Sunday, that’s when it really feels like the weekend is over!

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