Finding the Sweet Stuff

I’ve been a broken record on stress. Its not a fun story, yet I keep retelling it. So I’m trying to yolo. (Do we still say “you only live once”?) Thursday night I went out for dinner with my aunt and uncle, and then took myself out for ice cream.

I strolled the neighborhood and listened to a podcast. Last week and this week I have had events scheduled each night. Its not my preferred setup. I like 2 events per week, class doesn’t count, but I need at least two nights free to stay organized.

I’m really starting to dream of the fall when I have completed my MBA. Until then, I’m doing what I can with what I have. And when I don’t have ice cream, I probably need to go for a walk and get some.


2 thoughts on “Finding the Sweet Stuff

  1. Ice cream always makes a difference! Hang in there, from those I know who did their MBA the last stretch is the hardest, but then you’ll be done! And look at what you’ll have accomplished!

  2. I am glad you took a break from the stress of life and did something fun! And ate ice cream! That cone looks soooo good. It will be so good to have the MBA program behind you! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! But I know that the end of the program can’t come fast enough for you!

    Even though I am not making any plans besides wedding stuff, my calendar is also way over-packed with wedding-related stuff. My days feel so long as I’m also super busy at work. I am super excited for our wedding but also can not wait to get on the plane to Maui for 9 days of relaxation!!!

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